About the choir

PRO PACE is an international choir which brings together people from many different backgrounds through their shared love of singing. Choir members come from all over the world. Everyone can participate in the choir, regardless of age, education, music background, etc. and participation is free. We sing songs in many different languages from around the world. 


The choir was founded in October 2014 in partnership with Lærdansk Aarhus. Karolina Kamola conducted the choir from 2014-2015, and from 2016-2018 the choir was led and conducted by Daria Turowska. In March 2017, the choir became registered and is now a recognised union (frivillig forening).


In January 2019, our choir joined a project together with Sangens Hus called “Sangfællesskaber for alle” (Singing communities for everyone). The goal of this project is to create singing communities throughout Denmark where both Danes and internationals can meet and sing songs from all over the world. As part of this project, we have three song leaders—Viktorija Raichelytė, Marie Conger and Yoanna Vladimirova—who attend workshops with Sangens Hus to learn techniques for bringing joy through music to our own signing community in Aarhus. 

Meet the board


Yoanna is the chairman of the choir and song leader responsible for the tenors. She joined ProPace in 2016 because she was missing her choir back home in Bulgaria and the mini-community that singing together creates.
Yoanna is a Molecular Medicine student at Aarhus University and member of the Aarhus Toastmasters public speaking club.

Yoanna/Bass coordinator
Chairman of the board


Marie is one of our three song leaders and is the voice responsible for altos. She is from the United States and is studying for a master’s degree in Sustainable Heritage Management at Aarhus University. Marie has always loved music and has been singing in choirs since childhood—and is now happy to bring that love to PRO PACE!

Marie/Alto coordinator
Music arranger


Hard working, crazy about music, still a Master’s student, Choir’s Board member, who helps to hold the financial corners and most important one of the 3 conductors of the choir – that is Viktorija. Music is running through her Lithuanian veins. After a break of professional singing for 12 years, she has joined Pro Pace 3 years ago.

Viktorija/Soprano coordinator
Finance responsible


Kasia, cofounder of the choir from Poland, Silesia. She is educated as a special pedagogue specialized in social rehabilitation and as a multimedia designer. She loves photography, film, books and gardening. She was a coordinator of the choir 2014-2016 and she has been working with graphic and multimedia – visual face of the choir.

Kasia/PR responsible


Előd is one of the financial advisors of Pro Pace. He joined the choir back in 2016 only because of his curiosity to see if he can sing in front of people without engaging a heckling competition. He is from Hungary and studying Business Administration BSc at Aarhus University and working for a startup company called QuadSAT ApS.

Előd/Finance responsible


Henrik is the IT responsible of the choir. He joined the choir in 2016 having  absolutely zero experience with singing because  for him it sounded like a fun challenge and a great way to meet new people and socialize. Henrik enjoys baking cakes and hosting social events for the choir. Born in Norway he now studies computer science at Aarhus University.

Henrik/IT responsible


Oxana joined the choir in October 2019, right in time for the Christmas season. Having moved to Aarhus from the UK, she especially enjoyed singing the traditional English Carol “Oh, Come all ye faithful” – but in Latin. Originally from Russia, Oxana learnt domra – a traditional Russian instrument – in a Soviet music school, taught herself frame drums and sang in choirs and world music bands.